• Our goal is to re-discover and develop Filipino Coffee Culture.


    Kape Coffee Co. is wholly Filipino
    not only from bean origins, but also to recipes, to brand–
    this is our contribution to the world of coffee.


    Kape COffee co. is the international brand

    of kkk coffee in the Philippines.





























  • Our Fastcafé Concept

    Because of our unique modular coffee bar set-up and designed "FASTCAFÉ" branding, we can transform any building lobby, mall space, any street-accessible location, or even any empty lot into your very own cafe-experience business with comparatively less costs (compared to other cafe setup brands). Email business@kkkcoffee.com to receive our partnership overview.

    Mall Coffee Kiosks

    In just eight months after selling our first cup of coffee, we've grown and expanded into mall spaces already! Featured in this photo: KKK Coffee at SM City Marikina. (This is the current June 2016 set up.)

    Stand-alone Cafés

    Our vision is to have KKK Coffee Real and authentic Filipino coffee at every street-corner in the Philippines and where Filipinos convene abroad. We are looking exciting new locations in Makati, Ortigas, Pasig, Eastwood, Quezon City, and down South (Paranaque, Alabang, Las Pinas).

    Destination Cafés

    One of our coolest locations: KKK Coffee KALIBO -- Our goal is to have our coffee enjoyed by Filipinos everywhere and also by foreign visitors as they travel the various beautiful sites here in the Philippines. Featured in this photo: KKK Coffee at the Kalibo International Airport courtyard (Set-up in January 2015).

    Our Pop-up Coffee Bar™

    The coolest way to try our brews at your event or space.

    We retail our coffee online too.

    We are on Lazada. You can order your fresh coffee packs online.

    And the PRESS loves us!

    Read about one of our most shared press features here.

    1000+ shares! Text by Tricia Aquino | Photos by Bernard Testa

    Lifestyle Section, InterAksyon.com ·

    OUR VISION: Kape para sa lahat!

    Filipino coffee for all!

    This is giving back to your country one cup at a time. Our vision is to have KKK Coffee Real and authentic Filipino coffee at every streetcorner in the Philippines and where Filipinos convene abroad. 

  • Our story -- by Jayvee Dotimas of DOTIMAS DOCUMENTARIES



    Caffe Filipino™ and Kapeng Ginto

    Our standards are also our hottest offerings! If you are used to ordering a tall Caffe Americano, then you should try our single order of Caffe Filipino™!


    All-natural, fresh, real coffee.

    The taste of excellent fresh coffee is our guarantee.

    Nothing "instant" with how we do things. Try our Kapeng Pandan™ and see what we mean.


    Specialty Coffees

    Kapeng Labuyo™ and Kapeng Salabat™

    Rare and Exotic, these recipes were created and developed by KKK Coffee. We practically invented Kapeng Pandan (Pandan Coffee)!


    Premium "AAA" Kapeng Barako

    This is the most premium 100% "AAA" Kapeng Barako (Liberica coffee) you can find in the country.

    Rare and Exotic Premium Selections

    KAPENG X /  Caffe Filipino

    Smooth with chocolate notes – the smoothest coffee selection we offer.

    Cold and Iced Selections

    Have you ever tried Coconut Coffee? How about Peanut Butter Coffee?

    Filipino Teas

    Philippine Ginseng, Guyabano, Balbas Pusa, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Bignay–the coolest hot teas from the Philippines

    Great coffee-food pairings

    Besides classic pairings, we have re-engineered and stylized the presentation of traditional Filipino favorites into contemporary offerings. Featured here is one of our bestsellers: our KKK Coffee Suman de Luxe–two pieces of sticky rice suman around a center of sweet dried mango strips on a moat of thick chocolate sauce.

    ...and designer branded merchandise!

    by Designer Brian Tenorio

    Our coffee looks good too when it goes with you.

    All in good business sense.

    We already have trademarks for our various flavors and sub-brands:

    Kapeng Pandan (Pandan Coffee)

    Kapeng Salabat (Ginger Coffee)

    Kapeng Labuyo (Chili Coffee)

    Kapeng Ginto 


    and of course, KKK Coffee™


    Please have a location in mind and please do some preliminary feasibility work for that location before contacting us for partnership details and requirements. Please indicate your desired cafe location in your message to us below. Maraming salamat.


    SM City Marikina

    Get directions here.

    Kalibo International Airport


    En route to Boracay. Get directions here.


    Maginhawa St.

    154 Maginhawa St., Quezon City

    Get directions here.


    Planning and organization ongoing.

    Loyola Heights, Quezon City

    Planning and organization ongoing.

    Bonifacio Global City

    Planning and organization ongoing.

    Cagayan de Oro

    Planning and organization ongoing.

    Queens, New York, USA


    Our first coffee location,

    47 East

    We sold our first coffee cup on March 31 2014 in a temp coffee station at startup incubator and one of our first supporters, 47 East. (selling from this location from March to August of 2014).


    Try our premium selections of coffee, buy them online via Lazada.

    For international orders, contact kapetayo.merly@gmail.com


    Brian U. Tenorio


    Brian Tenorio is a Marikina/New York -based designer with creative experience spanning graphic design, branding, fashion, all the way to design policy and international organizational and institutional branding. He is also the host of TV show Design Para Sa Lahat.


    Brian took his undergrad in Communications at the Ateneo de Manila University and is the first Filipino to be part of the Design Management Program, his graduate course, at Pratt Institute in New York City.


    More about his work and advocacy at www.briantenorio.com.


    Follow him at fb.com/designerbriantenorio

    Our Kapetans and

    KKK Coffee Baristas

    You call them "baristas" but we say "kapetans and kapetanas" only because at KKK Coffee, we are Filipino through and through.


    BARISTA TRAINING: One of KKK Coffee's advocacies is to provide hands-on barista training to HRM students from city and state universities in the country. If you are interested to join our team, email your resume to  jobs@kkkcoffee.com. Coffee on us on your interview.

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